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Microsoft is one of the more aggressive software vendor auditors. It also doesn't deeply discount or create non-standard negotiated Terms & Conditions.


The two most common reasons for a Microsoft audit are:


  • The Microsoft partner channel
    Microsoft is able to identify large enterprises that are non-compliant with its Volume Licensing program. When a Microsoft partner channel is hired to do a Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM) engagement, discrepancies in the organization’s Microsoft licensing are discovered, leading to an audit situation.


  • True-Ups
    Any organization with the Microsoft Select Volume Licensing plan is required to do a monthly, quarterly or yearly self-audit under the terms of the True-Up. During this process, an organization could find itself out of compliance and is required by contract to report the issue.

Being prepared for an audit is essential to your organization’s success. Miro provides Microsoft audit mediation services to rapidly control an audit’s conditions, mitigate risks, and negotiate a more favorable outcome.


It is always advantageous to enter into any engagement with a softeware publisher with a deep knowledge of your rights, Terms & Conditions and licensing position.

At Miro Consulting, we provide Microsoft Audit Defense and Licensing Optimization services as well as educational information on:


  • Smarter Microsoft Licensing
  • Drivers, True-ups & Compliance Intricacies
  • Microsoft Enterprise Agreement True-ups and renewals
  • A live Q&A on Microsoft licensing every few months


If is important to note that all this information is important and provide a beneficial baseline understanding of Microsoft's licensing practices. For example, Sofware Assset Management engagements are usually conducted by third-party auditors or consultants and the company has to cover any deficiencies in its software licenses. A SAM engagement has been used (sometimes) in place of a vendor audit. For more information like this, please request our resources on the right.

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